Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dear You,
I hope you don't mind being the recipient of a long email. Sort of felt like writing something. :) I just recently went on nice road trip. I needed to get away from things. It's amazing what kind of a degenerate, self cannibalizing rut people get themselves into. I did for sure. But anyway, I found, like many others have, driving is a wonderful way of getting your mind off things. Literally, your mind needs to be on, the, road. Anything less and that you'll be smusch in no time. America is a good continent to drive. You drive and drive and drive all day and not see the same scene again. That again, is subjective. You could drive and drive and drive all day and still be in the middle of nowhere Texas where everything is flat and dry and just like Oklahoma... or Arkansas or New Mexico. :D
But then again, it's enough to make you stop thinking of what you thought would happen. The only transition I saw was when between Missouri and Illinois. The rain helped. Cottony clouds floated on a sky with unabridged horizons. The cotton decorated the lovely deep light blue blanket, if that can be said. The corner of the windscreen stayed aligned to the divider. The engines had that speedy yet strong hum that   people wish their lives, careers and family have. It is funny how I am all praise for my hail damaged, fourteen year old Camry, Dimples. She's like a pint of Guinness. Not of the aroma and summery flavor of delicate Belgian ales, but still full and dependable. Yes, she doesn't spur well between 60 and 80 miles an hour, but then again, she reaches and stays there, still giving 30 miles to the gallon. I guess I identify too much with my car :D I love fine scotch, more than is healthy almost. Then again, I don't identify with them so much. :D

It was nice to see Noshi after a year. The last time I saw him, I didn't feel the need to talk. Just having him sit by my side outside the airport entrance where I picked him up, sharing a smoke, was overwhelming. He's a mirror into my personality in many many ways. I saw him at his office in Kansas City and he showed me off to his colleagues. In such times even a man understands what it must be like to be a pricy girlfriend. :D 
We cooked and watched videos all weekend. It was nice to see Sowmya from HCU after so long. I loved it. Familiarity is beautiful. Familiality is beautiful too. I feel like seeing everyone I ever knew once again. Makes you reflect and think, 'huh! not done too badly so far! '
Seeing Pavan was just wonderful. I hadn't seen him in a decade. He kept talking and I was all ears. I think him and I are the only people from school who get the motivation behind what we do. It was nice. We really spent no more than 5 hours chatting because I had to go to bed for the twleve hour drive (that's right, twelve hour drive) back to Dallas. The whole trip was exactly what I needed. The last time I felt like writing was a llooonngg time ago. I've got plenty to spill. But my blot just finished transferring.
Cheerio and all of that sort thing. :D


In that room, that big room
That big room with light and breeze
Where bright minds strutted,babbled and cackled
With the grace of ibises
And agility of hawks
The beauty of peacocks
And seductive persuation of Koels
I sat, in the back and breathed it all.

They could say, 
What they already know.
That we do not know
That we don't know it all.
In stead they're grandiose
Like their sires and mentors
Convinced their half truths, 
Are magnificent edicts,
Edicts of an imagined reality
A truth we pretend to clasp.
Just so that we can say to next man,
It is now in my grasp,
And still not yours to have.

I breathed the stench of pettiness
Of an ailing noble endeavour,
Its spirit pickled in vanity.
The stench of a macabre dance
On the slime of ignorance
The semi dirt of half knowledge
In a rain of pretense,
A fetid play of power,
The violation of truth
In an obscene mist of joy.

I imagined it different,
My noble pursuit
My religion of reason
The pilgrimage to truth
Was to be a celebration of discovery 
An treasure hunt and worship of fact
Facts that are nature's jewellery
The principles of existence 
Of all we see 
And all beyond.

I swallowed my venom.
I hold my venom.
Waiting to do things right.