Thursday, February 28, 2013


Embittered by the Moon
I sit by myself and mope
Not feeling love again
Sitting here with no hope.

I wanted a smile and warmth.
Venus gave me that and more
Her warmth caressed me in stupefied sadness,
In the isolation of being away from home,
The abject loneliness of being alone.

Venus knows she has it all
Many a poet have noticed.
The artists won't stop,
The sculptors' jaws drop,
Stargazers remain fixated.

She pervaded my thoughts,
Nearly seeped into my heart.
That seared some scars,
That have been opened before.

The Moon was like that,
Glowing over many skies
Glinting in admirers' eyes
Turning stony resolve to dust.
My eyes had glinted
My soul was splinted
Until I could trust no more.

Venus, I don't blame you
You tried and tired
Never getting the trust you desired 
And shot right off my sky.
You'll shine your rubor
And sink men in stupor
Glinting in many an eye.

I'll stop right here.
You'll understand.
I'll walk again,
I'll walk alone,
Under a starry, moonless, sky,
The journey goes on.