Monday, April 06, 2009

As Each Day Goes By

Mitochondria conspire within me
Insiduously Sparking off free radicals
They eat my flesh in a gnawing rage
Inevitably, pushing me to age.

I'm still a young and feisty soul
With a zest for life and set goals
I long to understand life,
I want to ride across continents
and run from pit to peak,
I want to meet new people,
See new cultures
And move the masses...
But there are other things
For which the time has passed
Time slipped by, just too fast.

Age is like true love,
Of course I'll never get it!
Until it smothers me on the sly
Leaving me with shriveling skin and a drying heart
Rickety knees and a frying mind

So Age isn't just a number
But surely, a phantom future
It'll someday be the present
I brighten it now by living it up
For I'm as aged as my thoughts
As old as my deeds
I'll keep them youthful
And let the phantom age.

What a coincidence... my 24th birthday approaches! :D... Kidding. That has nothing to do with it.