Friday, January 09, 2015

For the love of Poema

She would lay on a page
With infinite ease
Crafted, coiffed and poised
On a linguistic trapeze.

She has a beat
She has a rhythm
She has style
She has substance
Her every syllable
Lives in memory, indelible.

She swings on emotions
Giving meaning to being
Cradling the thoughts
I just wasn't seeing.

Her words are warm
Her words are kisses 
Her words are dreamy
To all she caresses.

Don't hide in my mindscape,
Let me give birth to you.
For this page is barren,
With no semblance of you.

Her form is delicate,
Her form just fits.
For a thought remiss
Just kills the bliss.

My perfect Poema,
I yearn for you.
You float in the ether
Amidst the stars somewhere.
Come here from the heavens,
And be forever near.