Sunday, October 01, 2006


I awaited a local
At Andheri of all stations
A nagging feeling
Testing my patience

Mumbai's funny thought I
Where shit and gold together lie
The best groomed people
Their overfed pets
The sad plagued people
Envying those pets

Afore me a sick man lay
Harbouring as many worms
As straw in hay
Blistered skin with infected wounds
He was pain personified
What more do I say?

To his right was a mutt
A broken leg, it had no hair
Fungal eczema everywhere
Ticks at its eyes blinding it
Its suffering too gave you a scare

The sick man saw the mutt
He got up, his temper amuck
He couldn't move much
Very little energy as such
But upset he visibly was
He seemingly liked not dogs

A diseased body shooed another
Drove it in someother direction
Both in hunger and in pain
The sufferings of both were just the same

Both were stray, both were sad
Yet an arrogance one of them had
And then, what happened next was sadder stil
There came a dog, not at all ill.

A pomeranian on a leash
Its clean white coat
Worth quite a dote
To sick man's arrogance
It was an antidote

It snapped at him
And he recoiled
The dog careful,
Its coat unsoiled

It then strutted away
With its tight slacked mistress
Leaving the poor sick man
In greater distress

It was a cruel episode
It left my head humbly lowed
A cruel joke if at all
How lucky I am, I saw it all

Is it only I who see?
No one else in the city?
Is it lost, the abilty?
To notice the agony and irony?